Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Lady D and Disque DJ spin in San Fransua

Estoy muy muy contento que mi super amiga la gran diana (Miss Lady D) hace su extra├▒o retorno a San Francisco. No es porque sea mi amiga pero esta nena si que sabe prender a gente. Espero que la pasemos muy maravilloso esta vez.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Burberry Prorsum

I always observe peoples walking on the street and always think how cool skinny jeans are. The truth is they practically look good on almost everyone. But fashion always has to go forward with something new and different, which is why it was very interesting for me to see the new trends in the European men collections. The pants a bit more loose, same with sweaters and coats, but one of key things is to work with the proportions so it looks right. The best were at Dries, Lanvin and Burberry. (gq.com)
Kris Van Asche
 Dries Van Noten

Friday, November 6, 2009


I remember Givenchy when Julian McDonald designed for the house(not very memorable). When I saw the first collection by Riccardo Tisci (HC 2005)I liked his Gothic elegance. I also remember when the guy was almost stoned to death because of his very "pretentious" presentation for spring 2006. After that I followed everything he has done and can literately say that he is the reason we (men and women)dress the way we do. He is so influential not only in the way we dress but in the attitude as well. My favorite collection by far is Fall 2007. On the other hand his take on men's for the label has a parallel attitude of darkness that I find so sexy. Lets see how far he goes. (photos style.com)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


While watching the collections on style.com I saw this one and the mens really caught my eye. When I look at something and think a special kind of person can totally rock it, is worth looking more into. I guess I like simplicity of getting items as slouchy and loose and working the proportions in a way it looks very stylish and cool at the same time. I think the key of a collection (and what we wear everyday) is how we styled it.

New York "The center of the world'

One of the things that truly inspire me in life is travel. Every year I make a personal goal to go to a fabulous place I've never been to (and by fabulous I mean "interesting"). This year my only odyssey has been moving to the amazing San Francisco; which I will talk a bit more. Anyways,
Like I was saying, I am days away to go to one of the most exciting and adventurous places on this earth a fucking concrete jungle. The best part, I"ll be by myself.